We offer you surf courses and surfaris for all girls and women who want to experience the passion of surfing.
to share with others. Yoga is also included. Besides learning how to surf, it is the goal of
Wavesisters to offer you a platform to network among each other and thus
to let the female surfer community grow.


Learning to surf among women

Experience has shown that women and girls are in a homogeneous - i.e. in a purely
female group - learn surfing faster and better than in a mixed group,
where boys ride the first waves much faster thanks to their strength.
The physical and mental conditions of the course participants are more similar and it is easier,
to strengthen each other. The self-imposed pressure to perform
is therefore considerably lower and the learning success and thus the fun of surfing even greater.

Founder of Wavesisters, Surf and Yoga Instructor


The first time I had the idea to learn to surf I was about 16 years old and watched the surfers at the Eisbach in Munich, my hometown. But I didn't know any surfers and didn't know how to start and was too shy to ask. So I started climbing first.

Surf Instructor Portugal


Hi! I'm Amber. I've been coaching for four years now. My life started in Cape Town, South Africa - where I discovered my love for teaching surfing, but I also want to inspire people (especially women) through movement. Through climbing (also a passion of mine), surfing or yoga - I believe that movement can do wonders for personal development for everyone - whether it improves mental health or self-confidence.

Camp Management Portugal


It all started in Bali. After the first wave in warm, crystal-clear water I wanted more and stayed a total of 3 years in the Indonesia. Surfing has changed my life and is still one of the most Priority. For more than 3 years I have been living and working now only on Places I can surf, too. Jobs, a career, material Things didn't get important.



When surfing or surfing you experience pure joy! It is a demanding sport, but combines with a relaxed lifestyle. Thus the fun does not come too briefly!...
Surf Instructor Lanzarote


My first time surfing was 2008 in Hawaii, after that I tried to persuade my friends to go surfing together for a long time, until in 2011 I just went to France alone. The surf holiday turned into 2 months surf camp work and from then on I used every opportunity and free time to get to the ocean. In 2013 I finally went to Portugal as an Erasmus student for a whole year.

Yoga Teacher Portugal


I have always been totally fascinated by the sea and have always enjoyed being in the water. Six years ago I stood on a surfboard in Portugal for the first time and I knew - I want more of that! Since then, I've been tuning all my holidays to surfing, and I've been using my surfboard to explore France, the Canaries, New Zealand and Morocco as well as Portugal. In recent years yoga has played an increasingly important role for me parallel to surfing, so that I finally completed my training as a yoga teacher in India. And now I have landed at the Wavesisters, where I can live out both my passions in the best way and have my beloved sea always in front of my nose 🙂 I am looking forward to doing yoga with you this summer in Carcans and Costa da Caparica and to always be there for you as MFA (Girls for Everything) with advice and action!

All around helper


I can't say exactly how I got into surfing but I always liked the beach, the sea and travelling and at some point I just booked my first surf course. That was about five years ago and since then I can't imagine my life without surfing. Every holiday, no matter how short it is, is used to travel to the sea. So I've been around a lot in Europe and there are still a lot of destinations on the list. At Wavesisters I work as an MFA....girl for everything...and so I am responsible for the airport transfer, a clean car, comfortable beds, sand-free Neos, waxed boards and everything around it.